Date night in Kansas City!

It has been a long time since we had a date night! Over a year I think so it was super awesome that my brother in law and sis in law babysat for us. First I googled a nice restaurant called Bluestem and it was a super nice place lit with candles. Their menu looked amazing but nothing really sounded that good cuz sometimes your just in a mood for other food. It was like $75 for a four course menu on up to $110 for a ten course  So we just got a drink and decided to go downtown to union station and walk around crown center. They had a wine festival called uncorked but we really didn’t feel like 🍷. So we decided to try Pierpoint in union station after walking around crown center for awhile. It was great food in a really nice place. We both did the 4 course menu. I wish I took photos of all our food but only took photos of our main courses. The first course was mussels in a cream red sauce and it was amazing. My hubby got the cheese plate and it was amazing cheese. We both shared with each other. We also got 4 raw oyster cuz what the heck might as well and they were amazing with cocktail sauce. Second course we both got crab 🦀 bisque and it was super yummy. Third course was our main and we were already stuffed. But our food was coming out pretty slow because they were super busy. I got the stuffed lobster tail but it was like a quarter of a tail cuz it was the “tasting” menu. It was alright. Came with mashed potatoes 🥔 that tasted like instant. My hubs got the short ribs and it was really dry and no bone. Good sauce on it though. I got my dessert to go for my fourth course so our girls could have some and my hubs passed on his. Drinks were ok also. Bill was surprisingly expensive. Our tasting menus items should have been $46 each but for some reason mine was $72. Hubs said cuz it was market price for lobster. Plus drinks and oysters. We were thinking of getting a room with spa or go to a casino hotel but the basketball game was in town and everything was full. So We decided to head home and get the girls to bed. We drove around for a little bit with the music 🎶 cranked up cuz that’s always fun and I can never do that with the littles in the car. We had a great time!



My favorite mushrooms are morels. Late next month and in April is usually morel hunting season. I usually only find a handful but 4 years ago I found 800. It was the mother load of mushrooms. I cleaned them all in my bathtub because we had so many. Then I gave about 200 away and then froze a bunch And dehydrated a bunch.  But I couldn’t wait  till next month so I ordered some from They have some amazing deals sometimes like buy one get one. They are also on Facebook.  And they are so amazing! I just rehydrated them for about an hour cut in half, then floured them and fried in butter. Another way is to dip in egg then dip in crushed ritz crackers and fry in butter. So good 😊

Then of course a big pot of clams, shrimp, king crab and sausage goes great with morels! 😬👍