Growing mushrooms 🍄 

My brother and sis in law gave us a mushroom kit for the girls to grow for homeschooling. They have been growing super quick and are amazing to watch. They are oyster mushrooms from


Morel mushroom hunting

The season is already past here in Missouri but I sure did look all over with no luck. Only found two 😢 But my mother in law came down for a visit and found a huge batch of oyster mushrooms 🍄 So that was awesome!  We also found wild chives, garlic and violets. 


My favorite mushrooms are morels. Late next month and in April is usually morel hunting season. I usually only find a handful but 4 years ago I found 800. It was the mother load of mushrooms. I cleaned them all in my bathtub because we had so many. Then I gave about 200 away and then froze a bunch And dehydrated a bunch.  But I couldn’t wait  till next month so I ordered some from They have some amazing deals sometimes like buy one get one. They are also on Facebook.  And they are so amazing! I just rehydrated them for about an hour cut in half, then floured them and fried in butter. Another way is to dip in egg then dip in crushed ritz crackers and fry in butter. So good 😊

Then of course a big pot of clams, shrimp, king crab and sausage goes great with morels! 😬👍