Moved again!

Yes we moved again! I’m a little late updating all this but we moved on October 13. Actually it was Friday the 13th and the worst moved I’ve ever did. Why you ask? Well I got the stomach flu about two hours into a 9 hour drive from Kansas City to Fargo ND, Pulling my cargo trailer with the kiddos and dogs. Yes they all could of rode with their dad but nope. I had the DVD players, lol and they wanted their dogs 🐶 So it was horrible because I managed to wait to throw up ever time we stopped for gas and somehow I made it to a bathroom each time. Then I got a migraine from that which blurred my vision. It was ridiculous. Anyways we made it. I literally stared at the back of our fifth wheel in front of me the whole time and never looked at any scenery which is a great part of moving because it made my head pound worse to look around. We got there right when it was getting dark and we got to the to park and that was it. Couldn’t make it. Just pulled over and at least I had a bag. 🤢My husband had no idea where I went, lol. But I soon pulled up, helped him park straight. Threw up in the new yard (at least it was dark because the new neighbors would of been like hmmm😟lol) then went inside put the slid outs out, kind of moved things to normal then just sat but a toilet and heater for two hours before going to bed. I really don’t know if it was the stomach flu or food poisoning because I did eat some gas station chicken wings before I got the symptoms. So yeah that was crazy. But I’m still alive 👍 Here are some photos of before the chicken wings 😬

Here is our yard. We actually live in Minnesota but it’s like five miles from Fargo ND. Any yes it snow like a few days after we got there. Went from 75 in KC to 28 in Minnesota 😱 But the kids love snow ❄️

We have a park and ice skating rink next to our rv park so that’s exciting.


Moved again!

Saturday we moved again and it was pouring rain. We stayed in KC but just moved to another rv park. They start Day rates at some of these parks in April.  Our move was the shortest yet! We got to move with my brother in law and sis in law too so that was new also. 

New rv spot

Made it! 

We moved Sunday and it was a nice short drive of one hour and twenty minutes. The park we wanted to go to was super nice but crazy expensive. They said 579 a month but then had charges for wifi, electric, cargo trailer storage and our kids! Yes, at first they said $120 more a month for our kids. Really, last time I remembered is that they lived in our house with us. They arent renting their own rv spot. Crazy people. So we didn’t go there, lol. Found another spot and it’s really nice. We have a corner lot with a lot of room and trees. The kids can play all they want with a big front yard!

Here’s what the girls room looked like after I “packed” it 😂

Everything stayed in place 👍

So here it is, our new rv spot to call home for a little while. 

Moving tomorrow and the sweetest mug I’ve ever seen 😍


img_1306So tomorrow we are moving. I use to pack everything nicely, neatly etc. Well we move quite a bit and this move is only an hour and a half so I’m hoping there won’t be too much damage from driving down the road for an hour. So I’m just going to tuck everything away so it doesn’t bounce everywhere. Take things off shelfs, move plants, coffee pot, bathroom stuff etc. But the biggest job is our children’s room. Crafts, toys, Legos, science projects, dolls the list goes on and on, lol. So what I do is push it somewhat neatly all to the back wall. Then roll up their rug and push that up against their stuff. Then put more pillows or things to keep in in place. I also put stuff under the bed or in the closet if there is room. We do have a cargo trailer I pull but I hate going back and forth to get stuff I need or they want so mostly its seasonal stuff in there and extra toys, books we can’t fit in here.

So as you can see in these photos it’s just stuff that needs to be put somewhere so it doesn’t go flying down the road.
This is our children’s room!!! Oh yeah and our you daughter is still sleeping! So cute 😴 Ok so before you think wow, that room has never been cleaned, nope. I have them pick up every couple of days and make their beds everyday and then I organize for hours every other week. They are just so crafty and busy I would rather them have a great imagination and messy room then to be glued on tv or video games all day. They still play video games and watch pbs or movies but not all the time.

So instead of packing I’m just going to sit here and drink coffee out of the cutest mug I’ve ever seen and pack later 👍 Got this at hobby lobby in the gnome garden section. $9.99 but on sale for $5.99. This little mug melts my ❤️ lol

Sedalia Missouri 

  • Since it has been a while I’ll just start where we are at and work backwards then just post as we move again to other places. We moved here to Sedalia on December 10th so yes we had our Christmas tree up in our fifth wheel. That’s the first time I’ve ever moved with our tree up and we always get a real one! Our drive was just under 4 hours so not too far. Here’s us leaving Coffeyville KS.  Our tree did make it with only a few ornaments that fell off 🎄🎄We found a rv park that is not the nicest but will do for now. There are a lot of trees and deer and the neighbors are fine. It’s just super close to each other and a lot of trash (furniture etc.) that if cleaned up will make this place look nicer also a business next door is loud if your outside but inside you can’t hear anything. Here is the spot and the back field. So it is nice with the trees. We have been to incredibly amazing rv parks with water parks, lakes, beaches, crafts for kids etc. and we have been to not so nice ones where someone’s shooting a gun at their son in law in the middle of the night. You can’t tell who your neighbors will be or how they will act so you just need to pray for safety around others you don’t know. I am always around my kiddos outside or watching them play. You got to keep your kiddos safe these days.  There is a little pond here that the kiddos like to go too. We did our nature walk and nature journal for school at the pond. 

Moved to Texas!

We finally moved out of Nebraska last a week and a half ago! We bought fifth wheel and went to Texas. It’s very warm here bit the girls love it. Sandy and dry but a lot better then humid and muggy in Nebraska. We are in seminole Texas. It’s a small town but hobbs New Mexico is just 30 minutes away. Not much to do in this town, no pools, theaters but they do have a nice park.



Its been a long time.

Yeah I havent posted anything on here for almost 2 months.  Wow that’s a long time.  We moved again.  First we went back to Blair Nebraska to stay at my sisters (thanks sis) for two weeks while my husband was waiting for his background check to come back so he could work at a job site there.  Well after two weeks we just couldn’t wait anymore so we had to go somewhere else.  We ended up in Watford North Dakota.  It’s a small town but its nice.  We get somewhat free-living in a brand new travel trailer which has a queen size bed for us and bunk beds for Grace.  It’s somewhat because my husband only gets half his per diem instead of full per diem.  We get internet, dish satellite, electric, water and trash.  Its small but really a perfect size for us.  It’s a 8 x 26 and there is hundreds of the exact trailer in this park.  Its pretty much like a man camp for work except there are family’s here too.  I will post some pictures soon.  No oven again, that’s the only part that stinks.  I havent had an oven since 2009.  I came up with that you can pretty much cook anything in a frying pan that says to cook in the oven.  Everything except whole chickens and baked goods.  Man that’s what I miss is some nice baked cookies or muffins.  Yum.  But I did have an oven when we stayed at my in-laws last year (thanks Denise and Gene) and at my sisters.  So we did some baking then.  I havent had the internet the last 2 months so that’s why I havent posted anything.  My hubby has it on his phone but I just couldn’t figure it out.  This is a really nice little town.  It has some nice parks and a really nice coffee/smoothie shop.  The only downfall is that the biggest town is 40 miles away so if you want cheap groceries you have to drive to walmart to get them.  Here a gallon of milk is almost $6 and a steak is like $15.  So its crazy.  Well I gotta go and do some laundry.  I will be posting more soon.  Thanks for listening!