Leopard gecko reptile habitat! 

Grace has been saving all her money for a reptile habitat. She wanted a bearded dragon or a chameleon but soon realized they get big fast. Up to 18 inches which would mean we would have to upgrade the habitat. She was going to buy a kit at petsmart on sale for $80 but Grace and her father decided to build one together and not buy the kit because they could make it slim enough so the slid outs can still come in without moving it.  Mike also made little heart windows for her ❤️So she finally decided on a leopard gecko🦎Because they get to be around 10 inches.  We bought the gecko and all his habitats stuff at petsmart.  You need to buy crickets and cricket food also. They eat around 2-3 a night.  And all the wood and parts at Home Depot. It is a desert habitat so you need two thermometers one on each end. One has a humidity percentage and heat and the other one is just for heat. You need a heat lamp and we also bought a heated rock. Mike screwed it into where a tv should be in their room but we have never wanted a tv in there so it’s a great spot with all the plug ins. She is so happy ❤️


Lego land and sea life aquarium!

So we had to visit lego land because our girls love Lego’s! Next door is the sea life aquarium so we did a combo pass to visit both!

Made it! 

We moved Sunday and it was a nice short drive of one hour and twenty minutes. The park we wanted to go to was super nice but crazy expensive. They said 579 a month but then had charges for wifi, electric, cargo trailer storage and our kids! Yes, at first they said $120 more a month for our kids. Really, last time I remembered is that they lived in our house with us. They arent renting their own rv spot. Crazy people. So we didn’t go there, lol. Found another spot and it’s really nice. We have a corner lot with a lot of room and trees. The kids can play all they want with a big front yard!

Here’s what the girls room looked like after I “packed” it 😂

Everything stayed in place 👍

So here it is, our new rv spot to call home for a little while. 

Sedalia Missouri 

  • Since it has been a while I’ll just start where we are at and work backwards then just post as we move again to other places. We moved here to Sedalia on December 10th so yes we had our Christmas tree up in our fifth wheel. That’s the first time I’ve ever moved with our tree up and we always get a real one! Our drive was just under 4 hours so not too far. Here’s us leaving Coffeyville KS.  Our tree did make it with only a few ornaments that fell off 🎄🎄We found a rv park that is not the nicest but will do for now. There are a lot of trees and deer and the neighbors are fine. It’s just super close to each other and a lot of trash (furniture etc.) that if cleaned up will make this place look nicer also a business next door is loud if your outside but inside you can’t hear anything. Here is the spot and the back field. So it is nice with the trees. We have been to incredibly amazing rv parks with water parks, lakes, beaches, crafts for kids etc. and we have been to not so nice ones where someone’s shooting a gun at their son in law in the middle of the night. You can’t tell who your neighbors will be or how they will act so you just need to pray for safety around others you don’t know. I am always around my kiddos outside or watching them play. You got to keep your kiddos safe these days.  There is a little pond here that the kiddos like to go too. We did our nature walk and nature journal for school at the pond.