Cafe Verona and Yogurtini in Independence MO

We went out to eat last weekend and it was an amazing Italian place in downtown independence. This place was so cute and the food was amazing. It was Cafe Verona. They have love ❤️ locks all over there entry way. It was really pretty. Some had couples names engraved on them. So for food I got prosciutto wrapped shrimp 🍤 with a tomato basil polenta and asparagus with a sauce! My hubby got a rotini pasta with a vodka sauce and mushrooms 🍄 My sis and bro in law got seafood pasta 🍝 Kids of corse got grilled cheese, fries and cheese sticks, lol. We also got calamari that was amazing. 

Yogurtini was on the street before Cafe Verona and it was great for dessert. You pick any flavor frozen yogurt 🍦 and then pick from a million toppings 🍒 


Small living

We have been in our camper for 4 years now. So we are use to being close together all the time. I actually like it because we are always together. Our girls have their own room and we have ours but we always hang out in the living room or outside. When or if we do get a house in the future I will probably be lost in it, lol. We make it work and are great fun for what we have and that’s a close family. I travel with my husband so we can be together all the time. I homeschool so our daughters can enjoy this journey of life better then being put in and pulled out of schools. If we do ever settle down in one area it would be nice but for now life is an adventure worth exploring. I was cooking dinner the other night trying to set the plates up and I took some photos because it’s just funny. The girls are building Legos on the table and I’m trying to get the table ready and there’s just no room. You should see thanksgiving, lol. I have like 5 dishes stacked in our little oven, hoping they won’t fall out when I open it. (It has happen before) 😁

Fun in Sedalia Missouri 

We like checking out new fun places in new towns. Here are a few places we have liked. 👍

Small cakes! Yum!!
Coltons steak house with some friends! The kids love throwing peanut shells on the ground, lol
The library has great kids book clubs and story times.

Bowling is always fun!Panera bread is always healthy and amazing!

And of course the Theaters ❤️

Making Dinner


Making dinner can be a challenge in a motel room.  But we have a stove top burner set and our pots and pans so I can make pretty much anything you can fry or boil.  There is also a microwave.  So its hard for me not to bake a chicken or casserole for dinner, so I’ve been just frying chicken breast or hamburgers.  They also have those kits in walmart such as macaroni grill or those chinese ones.  Those are pretty good.  I did bbq bacon cheese burgers last night and didn’t have bbq so I just made some with catsup, brown sugar, mustard and a little Tabasco.  It turned out pretty good.  I think tonight I might make some pork chops with a salad.  It’s hard to get my little one to eat lately.  She’s two and very picky on her food.  I was amazed yesterday when I made a cheese quesadia and she actually ate it.  She usually wont eat any mexican food like tacos or burritos so I was amazed.  Does anyone know any recipes that don’t involve baking? I just have the 2 burners and some frying pans and pots.