Kiwi Crate!

My daughter loves Kiwi Crate.  She has so much fun getting these in the mail and we have fun making them.  They are so easy to make too.  Go to to get $10 off and your child will love it!  They have Pirate themes, space themes, water themes. Its fun!


Valentine Countdown!

Wow, it’s already February! That is crazy.  Here is a super cute valentine countdown with bible scriptures.  I did it a little differently than the actual post because I don’t have my printer working yet.  Here is where the idea came from  And here is how I did it!

First you need colorful paper cut out 14 of them 8 by 1 1/2, a sharpie or pen, a whole bunch of bible scriptures on love ( which I got from on the link above from and a stapler.  That’s it!  Oh and a four-year old to help fold, and, lol!

Valentines Mail Box

                 Here is a super cute easy mail box I made with my 3-year-old daughter.  We just purchased the pink mail box at Target for $1.00.  Then I purchased some cute valentines paper and embellishments at my favorite scrapbook store in Blair Nebraska, A Paige to Remember.  I have been to a ton of scrapbook stores but this one is just great and they have awesome classes too!  Then my daughter and I glued on all the paper, felt hearts and words and flowers. Easy and Grace loves it.  I keep putting in surprises and telling her she has mail when the little flag is up.  She loves it!