My favorite mushrooms are morels. Late next month and in April is usually morel hunting season. I usually only find a handful but 4 years ago I found 800. It was the mother load of mushrooms. I cleaned them all in my bathtub because we had so many. Then I gave about 200 away and then froze a bunch And dehydrated a bunch.  But I couldn’t wait  till next month so I ordered some from They have some amazing deals sometimes like buy one get one. They are also on Facebook.  And they are so amazing! I just rehydrated them for about an hour cut in half, then floured them and fried in butter. Another way is to dip in egg then dip in crushed ritz crackers and fry in butter. So good 😊

Then of course a big pot of clams, shrimp, king crab and sausage goes great with morels! 😬👍


Freezer meals

I decided to try some freezer meals because I feel like I cook the same things over and over. So I found online these two great blogs that have the full recipes on them. In not going to post all the recipes, just the links to the websites. The first one is and the other is
These recipes will save you time and money. You buy everything at once and just prep it all, and put in a freezer bag. Then when you want that for dinner you put in fridge overnight and crock pot the next day. Easy peasy 🙂 I made 2 teriyaki chickens, 2 sausage and peppers, 2 Mexican sweet pork, 2 chicken fajitas and 2 sweet and tangy meat balls. There is no recipe for the meatball so I just threw in a half onion chopped, lil milk, one egg, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, chile pepper seeds and Italian seasoning. Then I browned them so they hold up better in the freezer and crock pot. Here are some photos!











Making Dinner


Making dinner can be a challenge in a motel room.  But we have a stove top burner set and our pots and pans so I can make pretty much anything you can fry or boil.  There is also a microwave.  So its hard for me not to bake a chicken or casserole for dinner, so I’ve been just frying chicken breast or hamburgers.  They also have those kits in walmart such as macaroni grill or those chinese ones.  Those are pretty good.  I did bbq bacon cheese burgers last night and didn’t have bbq so I just made some with catsup, brown sugar, mustard and a little Tabasco.  It turned out pretty good.  I think tonight I might make some pork chops with a salad.  It’s hard to get my little one to eat lately.  She’s two and very picky on her food.  I was amazed yesterday when I made a cheese quesadia and she actually ate it.  She usually wont eat any mexican food like tacos or burritos so I was amazed.  Does anyone know any recipes that don’t involve baking? I just have the 2 burners and some frying pans and pots.