Happy Love Day!❤️❤️❤️

It’s Valentine’s Day and my birthday! Turning 31 today 😁 Hope you all have a great day!dinner from whole foods cake from whole foodsgot free Starbucks!went to the Sing movie!


3 Birthdays!

So our daughter Grace just turned 4 last week on October 6th.  She had 3 birthday party’s.  I know it seems like a lot but we just moved here and we went to New Hampshire to get all our stuff out of storage and Grammy and Grampy wanted to throw her a bday party before we left.  Then when we got here she had a party on her actual birthday which was on a Thursday so just my hubby and I through her a little one.  Then 2 days after her birthday she had a party that her cousins and aunt and uncle came to.  So here is some pictures of her birthday party in New Hampshire.  It was a split birthday party for her and her aunt (she’s 9) so they had one together.