Cafe Verona and Yogurtini in Independence MO

We went out to eat last weekend and it was an amazing Italian place in downtown independence. This place was so cute and the food was amazing. It was Cafe Verona. They have love ❤️ locks all over there entry way. It was really pretty. Some had couples names engraved on them. So for food I got prosciutto wrapped shrimp 🍤 with a tomato basil polenta and asparagus with a sauce! My hubby got a rotini pasta with a vodka sauce and mushrooms 🍄 My sis and bro in law got seafood pasta 🍝 Kids of corse got grilled cheese, fries and cheese sticks, lol. We also got calamari that was amazing. 

Yogurtini was on the street before Cafe Verona and it was great for dessert. You pick any flavor frozen yogurt 🍦 and then pick from a million toppings 🍒 

Pioneer trails museum in Independence MO and visiting with family!

Since we are living in Independence MO we went to the pioneer trails museum. I remember learning about the Oregon trail, California trail and Santa Fe trail when I was a child so I thought it would be a great learning experience for the girls. I learned why all the trails started here in Independence it was because this was the last westward town all the way till their destinations in Oregon, California or Santa Fe which took 4-6 months to walk, ride a horse or sit in a wagon. I bought a book in the gift shop that was a page turner. I read it in a few days and recommended it to anyone probably 3rd grade and up for more info on the trails. It was the Donner party I read about called All We Left Behind. It was very interesting to learn how they actually traveled and mistakes that were made ending them up stuck in the snowy mountains for months starving. 

They also have wagon rides pulled by mules that take you through some trails and the tour guide tells you more history.

We had some family come down that weekend so the girls went swimming in their hotel pool and they played all day. 

Kinsley’s Miracle 

So last November Kinsley fell at a park in coffeyville ks. I rushed her to an emergency room and she broke her arm. I have never broken anything and our oldest daughter hasn’t either so all this was crazy for me. My husband has had injuries from snowboarding so he knows a thing or two about it. Well the doctor said she just needed a cast for a month and she would be fine. Two days after Christmas we get her cast off in Kansas City because we moved from coffeyville and live about an hour from KC in Sedalia and no one would cut off her cast so we drove to children’s hospital. They got her cast off and did X-rays and said nope it healed wrong and she should of had surgery a few days after she broke it. We were devastated. Just knowing your five year old has to have surgery and wear another cast for a whole month was too much. She could of been done with it all by now if it was done right the first time. So they set the surgery date for today, March 15. Well we all prayed and prayed for God to just heal her arm so she didn’t have to go through with the surgery and on mon the 6th we had her pre op appointment. They looked at her arm and new X-rays and said she looks great. It’s healed. It was amazing. Her bone is still a little different in the X-ray but the doc said she operates on people not X-rays which I thought was a great saying. She said if she couldn’t bend her hand to her shoulder or if her elbow over extended then yeah they would need to but she can. There is a small difference in how much she can bend her arm up compared to her other but not anything crazy and we expect it to just keep healing. So we are so happy that God answered our prayers!!

Date night in Kansas City!

It has been a long time since we had a date night! Over a year I think so it was super awesome that my brother in law and sis in law babysat for us. First I googled a nice restaurant called Bluestem and it was a super nice place lit with candles. Their menu looked amazing but nothing really sounded that good cuz sometimes your just in a mood for other food. It was like $75 for a four course menu on up to $110 for a ten course  So we just got a drink and decided to go downtown to union station and walk around crown center. They had a wine festival called uncorked but we really didn’t feel like 🍷. So we decided to try Pierpoint in union station after walking around crown center for awhile. It was great food in a really nice place. We both did the 4 course menu. I wish I took photos of all our food but only took photos of our main courses. The first course was mussels in a cream red sauce and it was amazing. My hubby got the cheese plate and it was amazing cheese. We both shared with each other. We also got 4 raw oyster cuz what the heck might as well and they were amazing with cocktail sauce. Second course we both got crab 🦀 bisque and it was super yummy. Third course was our main and we were already stuffed. But our food was coming out pretty slow because they were super busy. I got the stuffed lobster tail but it was like a quarter of a tail cuz it was the “tasting” menu. It was alright. Came with mashed potatoes 🥔 that tasted like instant. My hubs got the short ribs and it was really dry and no bone. Good sauce on it though. I got my dessert to go for my fourth course so our girls could have some and my hubs passed on his. Drinks were ok also. Bill was surprisingly expensive. Our tasting menus items should have been $46 each but for some reason mine was $72. Hubs said cuz it was market price for lobster. Plus drinks and oysters. We were thinking of getting a room with spa or go to a casino hotel but the basketball game was in town and everything was full. So We decided to head home and get the girls to bed. We drove around for a little bit with the music 🎶 cranked up cuz that’s always fun and I can never do that with the littles in the car. We had a great time!

The Lego Store!

My kids love Lego’s! They have a store here in Kansas City and it’s pretty awesome. The girls got to make their own mini figs and play with Lego’s. they also have cups you can fill with as many Lego’s as you want. Any color any size. This was all in a mall in Overland Park. They also had a carousel and an American Girl store. We had a lot of fun. There was also a canned food drive but they used all the cans for building designs. So it looked awesome. 

Sitting at Starbucks 

So I got a new phone the other day with my insurance because my old one was dropped a few times. Lol. Anyways I have a million photos that are slowing downloading and the only place that has amazing wifi is Starbucks. So us girls hung out for about an hour and a half and colored in coloring books. It was nice. But I only downloaded half! Need to go back and do it again. 😬