The Shack

This is an amazing book. I loved it. It had me crying, laughing and not wanting it to end. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately but this one will stick with me for a very long time. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.  You can purchase the book here or to see the trailer for the movie.


Cafe Verona and Yogurtini in Independence MO

We went out to eat last weekend and it was an amazing Italian place in downtown independence. This place was so cute and the food was amazing. It was Cafe Verona. They have love ❤️ locks all over there entry way. It was really pretty. Some had couples names engraved on them. So for food I got prosciutto wrapped shrimp 🍤 with a tomato basil polenta and asparagus with a sauce! My hubby got a rotini pasta with a vodka sauce and mushrooms 🍄 My sis and bro in law got seafood pasta 🍝 Kids of corse got grilled cheese, fries and cheese sticks, lol. We also got calamari that was amazing. 

Yogurtini was on the street before Cafe Verona and it was great for dessert. You pick any flavor frozen yogurt 🍦 and then pick from a million toppings 🍒 

Pioneer trails museum in Independence MO and visiting with family!

Since we are living in Independence MO we went to the pioneer trails museum. I remember learning about the Oregon trail, California trail and Santa Fe trail when I was a child so I thought it would be a great learning experience for the girls. I learned why all the trails started here in Independence it was because this was the last westward town all the way till their destinations in Oregon, California or Santa Fe which took 4-6 months to walk, ride a horse or sit in a wagon. I bought a book in the gift shop that was a page turner. I read it in a few days and recommended it to anyone probably 3rd grade and up for more info on the trails. It was the Donner party I read about called All We Left Behind. It was very interesting to learn how they actually traveled and mistakes that were made ending them up stuck in the snowy mountains for months starving. 

They also have wagon rides pulled by mules that take you through some trails and the tour guide tells you more history.

We had some family come down that weekend so the girls went swimming in their hotel pool and they played all day. 

Fun in Sedalia Missouri 

We like checking out new fun places in new towns. Here are a few places we have liked. 👍

Small cakes! Yum!!
Coltons steak house with some friends! The kids love throwing peanut shells on the ground, lol
The library has great kids book clubs and story times.

Bowling is always fun!Panera bread is always healthy and amazing!

And of course the Theaters ❤️

Food Affairiate Goodie Bag

Here is some more of the goodies I received.

Rice Crisps. These are so good.  It is a brown rice made into crispy chips.  It has no preservatives, no cholesterol, no artificial flavors and only natural ingredients and is wheat and gluten-free.  You can get more info at and

One of my faves was GoPicnic.  They are ready to eat meals in a tiny little box.  It is nutritionally balanced and has protein, fiber and fruit.  No trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup no added monosodium glutamate and no artificial flavors.  There info is www. and and and if you would like a discount use blog15 at Checkout!

Stick-Nuts are also very yummy.  These are natural and gluten-free.  They are top quality nuts, seeds and fruit.  It is healthy and energizing trail mixes. Go to and

Justin’s Nut Butter is very good. It is organic and natural.  Go to, and

Kind Healthy snacks are gluten-free and all natural.  Free from artificial preservatives and is foods made from ingredients you can pronounce and see. Go to and www.

I will post some more tomorrow!