Small living

We have been in our camper for 4 years now. So we are use to being close together all the time. I actually like it because we are always together. Our girls have their own room and we have ours but we always hang out in the living room or outside. When or if we do get a house in the future I will probably be lost in it, lol. We make it work and are great fun for what we have and that’s a close family. I travel with my husband so we can be together all the time. I homeschool so our daughters can enjoy this journey of life better then being put in and pulled out of schools. If we do ever settle down in one area it would be nice but for now life is an adventure worth exploring. I was cooking dinner the other night trying to set the plates up and I took some photos because it’s just funny. The girls are building Legos on the table and I’m trying to get the table ready and there’s just no room. You should see thanksgiving, lol. I have like 5 dishes stacked in our little oven, hoping they won’t fall out when I open it. (It has happen before) 😁

2 thoughts on “Small living

  1. Your trailor is twice as big as the one you grew up in when you were little 2plates filled the sink no slide outs and always went through tons of propane

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