Moving tomorrow and the sweetest mug I’ve ever seen 😍


img_1306So tomorrow we are moving. I use to pack everything nicely, neatly etc. Well we move quite a bit and this move is only an hour and a half so I’m hoping there won’t be too much damage from driving down the road for an hour. So I’m just going to tuck everything away so it doesn’t bounce everywhere. Take things off shelfs, move plants, coffee pot, bathroom stuff etc. But the biggest job is our children’s room. Crafts, toys, Legos, science projects, dolls the list goes on and on, lol. So what I do is push it somewhat neatly all to the back wall. Then roll up their rug and push that up against their stuff. Then put more pillows or things to keep in in place. I also put stuff under the bed or in the closet if there is room. We do have a cargo trailer I pull but I hate going back and forth to get stuff I need or they want so mostly its seasonal stuff in there and extra toys, books we can’t fit in here.

So as you can see in these photos it’s just stuff that needs to be put somewhere so it doesn’t go flying down the road.
This is our children’s room!!! Oh yeah and our you daughter is still sleeping! So cute 😴 Ok so before you think wow, that room has never been cleaned, nope. I have them pick up every couple of days and make their beds everyday and then I organize for hours every other week. They are just so crafty and busy I would rather them have a great imagination and messy room then to be glued on tv or video games all day. They still play video games and watch pbs or movies but not all the time.

So instead of packing I’m just going to sit here and drink coffee out of the cutest mug I’ve ever seen and pack later 👍 Got this at hobby lobby in the gnome garden section. $9.99 but on sale for $5.99. This little mug melts my ❤️ lol


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