Artichokes! My 5 year old daughters favorite food. How to cook…

Kinsley our 5 year old loves artichokes. I remember eating them as a child so when I first made them she was obsessed and now every time we go to the store she wants more. Every time I buy them the cashier never knows what they are, lol. So I thought I would post how I cook them and also how to eat them. They take a little prepping but they are worth it 😊

Ok so first of all you need to cut off a little bit of the stem. Not much because that is one of the edible and delicious parts. Then you cut off the tip top. Then go about cutting the tips of the leaves which I use scissors for.

Then you want to peel off any leaves on the stem and then use a peeler to peel off the skin of stem because it will taste bitter if you don’t. 

Then you will want to take your knife and cut it in half from stem to the top. 
Then cut those in half so you have quarters. 
Then you need to get a spoon and scrape out the fuzzy part and some weird white leaves attached. It will brown quickly so at this point you can squirt them with lemon or just wait till you steam them. 
Then get a pot, put about an inch and half of water and steam for 20-30 minutes until you can stick a knife in them and they are soft. I don’t have a steamer so I just used rolled up tinfoil at the bottom of pot to keep them out of the water. 🤔
Once they are soft I put them on a sheet pan and broil with olive oil and salt until they get a nice crisp to them. Flip them once one side is crisp.  Grilling them after steaming is amazing also. I live in a fifth wheel so our broiler is at the very bottom of my oven. Just make sure to keep and eye on them. I check every 5 minutes. 
Now how to eat them. You peel off one leaf a a time from the outside and drag your teeth on the underside of the leaf to get the “meat”. We love them dipped in melted butter but you can eat them plain or I have also heard of dipping them in mayo. 😬
Once you get all the leaves off you eat the whole “heart” and stem! Hope you all enjoy! 

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