Sedalia Missouri 

  • Since it has been a while I’ll just start where we are at and work backwards then just post as we move again to other places. We moved here to Sedalia on December 10th so yes we had our Christmas tree up in our fifth wheel. That’s the first time I’ve ever moved with our tree up and we always get a real one! Our drive was just under 4 hours so not too far. Here’s us leaving Coffeyville KS.  Our tree did make it with only a few ornaments that fell off 🎄🎄We found a rv park that is not the nicest but will do for now. There are a lot of trees and deer and the neighbors are fine. It’s just super close to each other and a lot of trash (furniture etc.) that if cleaned up will make this place look nicer also a business next door is loud if your outside but inside you can’t hear anything. Here is the spot and the back field. So it is nice with the trees. We have been to incredibly amazing rv parks with water parks, lakes, beaches, crafts for kids etc. and we have been to not so nice ones where someone’s shooting a gun at their son in law in the middle of the night. You can’t tell who your neighbors will be or how they will act so you just need to pray for safety around others you don’t know. I am always around my kiddos outside or watching them play. You got to keep your kiddos safe these days.  There is a little pond here that the kiddos like to go too. We did our nature walk and nature journal for school at the pond. 

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