A long time

Yes it has been a very long time since I have put a post on here.  We have been busy.  First off we went on a 2 month long vacation while my husbands job took a break so we decided to drive out fifth wheel from Seminole Texas to Port Aransas Texas.  That was a great decision.  We left at the end of January and stayed until March then drove to San Antonio Texas and stayed 2 weeks there for my brother in laws Air force boot camp graduation.  That was really nice too.  My husbands mom and sister flew down to be there and one of his other brothers and girlfriend drove down also.  Port Aransas was beautiful!  We lived walking distance from the ocean at 2 different rv parks.  It was nice to have palm trees outside and grass then having the beach to walk too.  (Seminole is west texas and desert, all sand not many trees, barely grass) Our girls loved it.  We went fishing a ton and caught a lot of whiting.  We saw dolphins which was really cool, just swimming in front of you by the jetties.  You can drive on the beach there so we did that a lot.  Padre Island nation park you could drive for 60 miles and we tried 3 times and finally made it to the end. It was hard all the other times because of the low tide high tide.  At the end was really nice.  Once you get about 30 miles in there is really no one out there so its really peaceful.  We found a ton of sea shells, big ones too.  Jellyfish were all over the beach so we had to watch out for those.  We left Port Aransas before spring break so we wouldn’t be there for all the crazy party kids got there, lol.  I need to upload my photos for Port Aransas and then I can post some.  But I have some from San Antonio on here.  We did Sea World, natural bridge caverns, wild life safari, the river walk and this awesome, best place ever to eat.  I was called Chama Gaucha and your first course was like a veggie, cheese salad bar but super fancy stuff, then you second course is fried plantain, fried polenta and mashed potatoes.  Then your third course you have this card and you flip it to green when you want more meat then flip it to red when you dont so this whole time these guys keep bringing rib eye, filet migon, lamb chops, chicken legs, prime rib, leg of lamp, just so many meats you couldn’t keep up.  My favorite was the lamb chops.  They were great! Then we all decided to get desert and we all got one different kind so we could try all of them.  I got the creme brulee, all the others were: key lime pie, strawberry cheese cake, flan, triple layer chocolate cake, and some papaya pineapple ice cream thing with some liqueur on top.  It was a very nice time and the best place I have ever ate at in my life.  So here are some pics of the restaurant that my mother in law Denise took and I will do more later when I upload mine. EnjoyIMG_0785IMG_0789IMG_0788IMG_0794IMG_0797IMG_0786IMG_0803IMG_0796IMG_0799IMG_0801IMG_0802IMG_0806

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