Got through first week of homeschool

We got through our first week of homeschooling and we love it! We are doing the sonlight curriculum for kindergarden this year and its a lot of reading but Grace loves stories and the math seems a little to easy for her but it does work on her penmanship for writing. She never writes, only her name so when it comes to writing numbers she doesn’t do it often. But as in learning shapes, colors and counting she has that in the bank 🙂 Sonlight is Christian based bible school so she’s doing devotional’s in the morning and her bible stories with a timeline to learn when all these stories took place. Science is her favorite so far because of experiments and projects. Her read aloud is the boxcar children and she just can’t wait till we read he next chapter. This is how her schedule looks like:
Read alouds
Creative expression
Then on Fridays she does her extra curricular which is Artist pursuits. She loves art and wants to be a art teacher when she’s older.



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