That is the over the top title of Author Brandon Andress’s new book.  I loved it and recommend it to anyone especially in times like these where everyone is obsessed with the

“end times”.  The book is funny and made me laugh a lot of times.  Brandon Andress is a very comedic author and really good with words.  This book will help with everyone’s

questions on when the world will end by taking scripture write out of the bible and putting it write in your face and making you think is this really what I want to be doing at

times like these or is this what I should be doing at times like these.  I love going to bible study’s every now and then because I feel closer to God when I am actually reading his

word and this book kind of does the same when he quotes scripture then talks about it and then you start really thinking about it.  I could see how it would make someone feel

better who is actually stressed or obsessed with all this end times stuff or if you are not stressed about end times it makes you realize you need to start thinking of the greater

good then just stuff around you.  I loved this book and cant wait to recommend it to my family for a great read!

You can purchase the book directly from his site at: or at amazon:

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