She talked me into it

I was a discussion group leader in mops (mothers of preschoolers) group on Blair Nebraska so when we just moved to Seminole Texas I decided to look up to see if this town had one. Well they do! So I was excited but then of course started thinking about leaving my kids with people I don’t know and bla, bla bla. Well I mentioned to Grace that mops was this Tuesday and she was so excited. She kept saying, “we have to go, let’s go, mama we have to go” (she’s 5). So she talked me into it. We went yesterday and it was great. The girls did good in the moppets childcare, and I met some new moms in this area. They were all very nice and I love when we move all the different people we meet. Around here there are a lot of Mennonites. Their beliefs are a lot like Christians. You can see that here:
Some if the women wear hand made clothes kind of like Amish and others just wear dresses and more modern Mennonites wear just everyday clothes. Most of the women have a black head piece like a bandana on their head and they are a German decent so they speak German and English. The church mops was at has a German service and English service. Very interesting though and very nice people. 🙂

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