Etsy OFG SpringtimeTreasury!

I won the entire treasury on!  16 handmade items!  I was so excited.  I received a ton of boxes each day, my hubby was funny saying we have enough stuff. Lol.  They were all beautifully wrapped and I received a cute card or letter with each.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies. I will post each day what items I received, and decided we would open 2 box’s a day to make it funner!

So here is the first day.  The first package is a beautiful hand painted sign that says keeper of the garden!  Its so cute! Made by on etsy.  The second is another hand painted picture, it has beautiful daisies tied with a pink bow in a hand painted green frame!  It was made by on etsy!

2 thoughts on “Etsy OFG SpringtimeTreasury!

  1. Hi Shannon,
    Congratulations on your winning of the OFG Treasury!
    Your children are too adorable!! It looks like they had some fun opening all of the goodies!
    Thanks for sharing!

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