Snow Cream (ice cream)

I did this post last year in Denver.  Since it finally snowed here in Nebraska I thought I would share this post again!

This is for all you peeps out there that still have snow.  I currently live in Denver CO and it has only snowed 3 times in the last Month and it melts by the time afternoon rolls around.  I made this when we first got here a month and a half ago.  It snowed yesterday so I thought this would be a great post.  So here it is.  It tastes great!

Snow Cream:

Big bowl of snow

Can of sweetened condensed milk



Just swing it with the amounts of each.  I used a whole can of sweetened condensed milk and just a little bit of vanilla, but with the milk and snow you just need to keep adding more of each until you have the rite consistency. Enjoy!

Notice the flipflops with socks and no pants.  She couldnt wait to go outside!


2 thoughts on “Snow Cream (ice cream)

  1. Oh what a fun recipe! And your daughter reminds me of my youngest…out in the snow no pants, no shoes! 😉 Thanks for stopping by and joining in the Easter party on my blog!!! 🙂 – Jocelyn

  2. Fresh snow, must remember FRESH snow… 😀

    What a fun recipe! Does it really taste as good as it looks? I wish I had this recipe when my nieces were little. Looks like I’m going to file it for if/when I have grandnieces or grandnephews!

    Was she more excited about the snow or making snow cream because it was snowing?

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