New Years Food Traditions

I did this post last year and though I would share it again with all of you!  Happy New Years.

What is everyone’s News Years traditions.  I know there is some food out there that brings good luck for the year.  This is what I’m making tonight for my family.  Cranberry and apple stuffed roasted pork, with a few tweaks to the recipe sence we don’t have an oven at the moment.  You can find that recipe here And also I am doing Collards with Lentils and Indian Spices but sence I couldn’t find Garam Masala which is a blend of different Indian spices I can use that so I guess I will just make it and use some other kind of spice.  You can get that recipe here

The reason I am doing these recipes is because of these good luck tradition

Cooked Greens  is a symbol of economic good fortune because it resembles folded money.  If you eat a lot of these greens on New Years the greater your wealth in the coming year.  Greens include Kale, Cooked Cabbage (sauerkraut), Collard greens, pretty much any green leaf cooked.

Legumes include peas, black-eyed peas, lentils and small beans.  This represents coins and are believed to bring financial rewards.

Pork is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and progress because of its rich fat content.

Grapes are antioxidants so they are good for health.  You eat 12 grapes one for each stroke of the clock, if a grape is sour or bad then that corresponding month will be the same.

I think I will do blueberries instead of grapes.  Thats all I have on hand and its a blizzard here in South Dakota so I think we will be hanging out inside today. Hope you enjoyed this info.  I got it from

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