40 Weeks Prego and Due Today!

Today is babies due date!  So excited but don’t know when baby is going to come.  I feel great, I have had some braxton hicks contractions and a sore back here and there but nothing painful.  Currently from last Wednesdays checkup I was at 3 cm and 80% effaced.  We would love to have baby before Christmas so we can all be together but you never know when baby wants to come.  Maybe even on Christmas.  Next appointment is Wednesday and don’t know if I want to do the stripping of membranes (sounds so gross) 😦 I didn’t do anything with Grace and she came 3 days before her due date and I had her all natural.  My doctor asked if I wanted her to do the membrane stripping thing last week and I said no since I wasn’t even at my due date yet.  Well here is a pic of me.  I don’t think my belly can get any bigger, lol 🙂

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4 thoughts on “40 Weeks Prego and Due Today!

  1. Aww. I don’t think you will be going into labor anytime soon. You look like your more 6 months pregnant than at your due date. Hope labor and delivery goes smoothly.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. You look wonderful…and ready!

    You know, a lot of really little kids are afraid of Santa. Maybe being so close to Christmas, baby is waiting until he’s gone! 😉

    Have a textbook delivery, when baby is ready to come!

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