Baby Shower

The baby shower went pretty good.  My mom, sister, nephews and  Best friend Jenny came over.  I thought my dad, brother in law and Jenny’s boyfriend would come over too.  But I guess guys are not into this kind of stuff.  I invited a few other people but they couldn’t show up.  Here are some pictures.

The baby shower cake with a pink champagne layer. Yum!

I made Grace a Big Sister shirt!

We played the string game we played where you have to guess with a string how big my tummy is.  Jenny was the closest by about an inch!  We also played guess how many diapers are in the jar and Grace was actually the closest by 1, she guessed 16 and it was 17.  My sister got the gift with the guess of 15.

Then we opened gifts, we played bingo with what gifts I got.  My mom got the most rite.  I got 2 safety kits with thermometers, nose bulbs, finger nail clipper, etc.  Then I got a big box of diapers and wipes and a baby play mat from my sis.  My mom got me one of the safety kits and a car seat stroller combo.  Jenny got us a super cute diaper cake she made with bottles and powders and cute little stuff.  And Jen’s sister got us a chalkboard piggy bank and a gift card to the best scrapbook store, A paige to remember!

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