Baby Shower invites

I made my baby shower invites using my cricket machine!  It was a lot of fun and they turned out pretty good.  My cutting mat lost some of its stick so by the end of my last cards they started moving around when it was cutting so I had to throw a few away.  My baby shower is going to be this weekend on the 27th.  So this is going to be a busy week!


2 thoughts on “Baby Shower invites

  1. Those look really cute! You can restick your mat. Just wash it down, take a sponge you would do dishes with put soap on it and scrub it ( you want to get all the paper and such of) and than let it dry. Once dried it will either be sticky again or tape the borders ( the non mat area) and spray with spray adhesive and let dry. I saved a lot of my mats this way. There is videos on YouTube on this too.

    Hope you don’t go too crazy and get to enjoy your shower.


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