Food Affairiate Goodie Bag

Here is some more of the goodies I received.

Rice Crisps. These are so good.  It is a brown rice made into crispy chips.  It has no preservatives, no cholesterol, no artificial flavors and only natural ingredients and is wheat and gluten-free.  You can get more info at and

One of my faves was GoPicnic.  They are ready to eat meals in a tiny little box.  It is nutritionally balanced and has protein, fiber and fruit.  No trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup no added monosodium glutamate and no artificial flavors.  There info is www. and and and if you would like a discount use blog15 at Checkout!

Stick-Nuts are also very yummy.  These are natural and gluten-free.  They are top quality nuts, seeds and fruit.  It is healthy and energizing trail mixes. Go to and

Justin’s Nut Butter is very good. It is organic and natural.  Go to, and

Kind Healthy snacks are gluten-free and all natural.  Free from artificial preservatives and is foods made from ingredients you can pronounce and see. Go to and www.

I will post some more tomorrow!


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