Ten tips on preparing my home for babys arrival

We just moved again and we finally got an apartment for at least 6 months so now I can actually set up a nursery and our home for babys arrival! We had our things in storage for about two years so we have a lot of baby stuff from our 4 year olds baby days. Our apartment is a 2 bedroom so my first tip is to make room for your baby. Our last crib was recalled but we have a pop up playpen so I set that up in my daughter’s room on one side and my daughters bed on the other side. My 2nd tip is to get a bassinet and put it write next to your side of the bed. I nursed my first daughter so she stayed in our room the first 3 or 4 months and it was so easy to just feed her and then set her write in her bassinet. My 3rd tip is is to have all your baby clothes and blankets washed because some have chemicals in them and you never know when baby will arrive. My 4th tip is to stock up on diapers but only get a few newborn boxes and the rest for the next size up because if you have a big baby then newborn size wont last that long. My fifth tip is that you really don’t need to baby proof the house until the baby is actually a few months old because it wont be crawling for awhile. My 6th tip is to have some already prepared meals frozen and ready in your 3rd trimester so when baby arrives you wont have to cook dinner every night. My 7th tip is to join a moms group. It is great to go to those groups to talk to other moms about baby stuff andto just get out of the house. My 8th tip is to prepare your other child or children by reading books to them and letting then know you will still love them just as much as you do now. My 9th tip is to go to child birth class and cpr class just to prepare. My 10th and final tip is to just relax and have a good pregnancy. It goes by so fast so try to enjoy it all. You will probably receive so many tips and advice from so many people but just go with your own mothering instinct. I wrote this blog post while participing in the socialmoms and seventh generation blobbing program for a gift card worth $50. For more info on how you can participate go to http://seventhgeneration.socialmoms.com/about

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