18 weeks!

Yes I’m pregnant!  I should have done a post on this a long time ago. But like I said in an earlier post, our internet service here is not that good so I havent put anything on my blog for a long time.  But I am going to try to put more on it.  So yes I’m 18 weeks already and just felt the baby move for the first time last Saturday the 9th.  Now it is moving like crazy every day.  We have our ultrasound on Aug. 3rd and we still havent decided to find out if it is a boy or girl.  With our first we found out so I think this time it would be fun to wait.  Plus we really can buy a lot of baby stuff yet because we have nowhere to put it in the place we are living and I don’t think we will be here to have the baby so I’ve only bought a couple of uni-sex colored onesies.  There is no place to give birth in Watford City, ND so we have to drive 1 hour to Sidney, MT.  I like the doctor’s office I go to so that’s good.  There is no women Doctors yet until August so I think I’m going to switch to a women doctor then.  This pregnancy has been good.  The first trimester was a little rough because I was nauseous a lot but now I feel great.  I was sick with a cold for a few weeks and had a horrible migraine one day that made me sick to my stomach but besides that its been good.  I’ve gained 10 pounds so far so I think that is good.  Well I will try to do more post and pictures soon!


2 thoughts on “18 weeks!

  1. I heard from Tarren! Congradulations! Picked any names yet?

    We waited to find out for Sam if he was a boy or a girl. We didn’t with the twins.

    Love you!

    Chris Michels

  2. That’s wonderful news Shannon, we are thrilled for you!! I love reading your blog posts, makes us feel more connected to you & your family. I’ve got one myself on blogger but haven’t written anything for a couple of years – no time anymore!!
    God bless you, give that lil girl a smooch for me!!

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