Its been a long time.

Yeah I havent posted anything on here for almost 2 months.  Wow that’s a long time.  We moved again.  First we went back to Blair Nebraska to stay at my sisters (thanks sis) for two weeks while my husband was waiting for his background check to come back so he could work at a job site there.  Well after two weeks we just couldn’t wait anymore so we had to go somewhere else.  We ended up in Watford North Dakota.  It’s a small town but its nice.  We get somewhat free-living in a brand new travel trailer which has a queen size bed for us and bunk beds for Grace.  It’s somewhat because my husband only gets half his per diem instead of full per diem.  We get internet, dish satellite, electric, water and trash.  Its small but really a perfect size for us.  It’s a 8 x 26 and there is hundreds of the exact trailer in this park.  Its pretty much like a man camp for work except there are family’s here too.  I will post some pictures soon.  No oven again, that’s the only part that stinks.  I havent had an oven since 2009.  I came up with that you can pretty much cook anything in a frying pan that says to cook in the oven.  Everything except whole chickens and baked goods.  Man that’s what I miss is some nice baked cookies or muffins.  Yum.  But I did have an oven when we stayed at my in-laws last year (thanks Denise and Gene) and at my sisters.  So we did some baking then.  I havent had the internet the last 2 months so that’s why I havent posted anything.  My hubby has it on his phone but I just couldn’t figure it out.  This is a really nice little town.  It has some nice parks and a really nice coffee/smoothie shop.  The only downfall is that the biggest town is 40 miles away so if you want cheap groceries you have to drive to walmart to get them.  Here a gallon of milk is almost $6 and a steak is like $15.  So its crazy.  Well I gotta go and do some laundry.  I will be posting more soon.  Thanks for listening!


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