My Favorite Peeps Moment

We love Peeps for all holidays.  They have the little bunnies and chicks for easter and the cute little pumpkins for Halloween and the trees for christmas.  My daughter loves to bite off the little chick heads and then eat the rest.  I use to leave them out until they get really hard and then eat them.  I just love how they taste all hard and crunchy.  It’s also fun to use them to cook with as in some smores!  Just microwave them for a few seconds and put them on a couple of gram crackers and a piece of chocolate and it’s a colorful smore just like camping. We also love to make some yummy hot chocolate and use peeps for the topping. They just melt right into the hot cocoa and its so yummy.  Its fun to use peeps as craft projects too.  To make some peep art we glue them on some cardstock and have an instant easter, or other holiday decoration.  Then you can paint them different colors and use glitter to make them extra sparkly.  You can also use them as stamps, just have you kids dip them in paint and paint away.  We also glue them together and make a monster peep with like five heads.  Its fun for my daughter to do that and peeps are so cheap so you can buy a lot of them.  The easter bunny always brings peeps in the baskets or hides them in the easter egg hunts.  I love how sugary they are and they just taste so good.  I use to play with them when I was little too.  Like how you play with dolls, I would use the little peeps and play with them like they where on a farm.  So now for my daughter (she’s 3) we do all these fun things every year so its a tradition to eat peeps, play with peeps, do peep art and use them in recipes.  I just found out that they make chocolate covered peeps and little peep minis.  Those sound so good, I havent got to the store to buy them yet but I think the easter bunny will be bringing a little bit extra of those this year so my daughter can share with the family (me) 🙂  I hope you enjoyed my favorite peeps moments and I hope I gave some of you some good ideas on what to do with all your peeps.

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