How I keep my family happy!

                     My family is everything to me.  I try so hard everyday to keep my family happy.  So how do I do that?  Well there is a lot of ways.  I try to have a ton of patience with my daughter which is hard sometimes because she is only 3 and so clingy lately.  But I think I have pretty good patience with her most of the time and I know that makes us all happy.  I love to help her with her workbooks and reading story books to her all the time.  She just loves books and will probably be reading herself in no time.  We go on walks all the time and that is great exercise for both of us.  She also has a responsibility chart and I know she loves helping out around our place, she also gets a reward when she gets a lot of magnets on her chart.  My husband and I both pray with her every night and I know that keeps all of us happy being closer to God.  You have to have God in your life to be completely and truly happy, and you must have faith in God to knowing that everything in your life will be ok.  I keep my husband happy by always having dinner ready for him when he gets home.  He works so hard everyday for us and to keep us happy so my part is to make the rest of his day great!  I wake up every morning at 5 and I make him breakfast, lunch and snacks for his day.  I know that makes him happy and healthy because you can’t work that much without having  balanced nutritional meals.  After our daughter goes to bed at 8 it is our time to watch a movie or just tv and talk about our days.  He is a wonderful husband and I couldn’t ever ask for more.  He keeps me happy also.  I love him with all my heart.  My family is the best thing that has ever happen to me and I think we are a pretty happy family.  We hardly ever get into arguments and we just all get along great.  We are always together and I think that helps too.  My husband could have went to a job in Alaska and left us for a while but he knew it would be just to hard for our family so he found another job we could all go to.  I love my family and they love me and that’s why we are always happy!  

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