Super Funny Movie, Hop!

Hop Poster Last weekend we where invited to a private screening of  Hop at the theaters before it came out on April 1st.  This movie was so funny!  It’s from the creators of Despicable Me.  My 3-year-old daughter loved it and so did I.  It’s about a bunny named EB (easter bunny) that doesn’t want to follow in his dad footsteps to become the easter bunny.  So he leaves Easter Island and goes off looking for something else and meets a guy named Fred (Jason Marsen) in Hollywood.  There is a lot of parental humor in this as well so that’s always funny.  This movie is the funniest easter movie I’ve ever seen.  I guess there is not really a lot of easter themed movies out there. One thing could have been better is there was no religious meaning to it at all though, just chocolate, candy, eggs and the whole easter basket thing.  Grace got some bunny ears when we got there and she didn’t take them off the whole movie.  There is also the funniest little chicks in this movie.  One of them always is dancing and the other one wants to be the easter bunny so he is always trying to convince the actually easter bunny (his boss) that he should be the one for the job, not his son.  It’s a great family movie and I recommend everyone to go see it.  I brought a friend and she doesn’t have any kids (she currently pregnant) and she loved it too.  Thanks SocialMoms and Universal Pictures!

This opinion is completely my own and in my own words.  We did not receive compensation for this review.  Just a couple of free passes to a great movie!

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