What makes me feel lucky

There is a great promotion going on now from redbox!  You can actually get free credits now until St. Patrick’s Day during the redbox lucky to have friends like you promotion.  When you get a unique address any time a friend rents from your address you get a free movie credit.  So what makes me feel lucky?  I have an amazing husband and wonderful daughter.  My husband works so hard everyday for us and he comes home and is a great father to our daughter.  I am so lucky to have him and my daughter is so amazing too.  We always have a nice place to live and food to eat because he works so hard every day.  We also get to move around a lot which I enjoy because we get to check out new towns and city’s.  There is always different things to go do such as museums and zoos.  My daughter loves to go to different museums, and I feel like she is actually learning something at a museum.  I also feel lucky because of our health.  We have not been sick in a while which is great because last year it seemed like one of us had a cold or something every month.  I hate finding different doctors all the time for our daughter so it has been really good that all of us have been really healthy.  I feel lucky having a great family also.  My husbands parents are currently watching our dog while we move around because sometimes it is hard to find a place that allows animals so that is really great for us to have family watch her.  She also has two other dogs around her so she is happy running around with them for a while.  My parents are great too, they always have different jobs they know about that we can go to and my I usually talk to my mom everyday.  And I’m lucky to have a great sister we talk all the time and she is like a great friend and sister.  My nephews get along great with my daughter too so that is good when we visit, they always play together.  Thats why I feel lucky, I think everyone has either one person in their life or their whole family that makes them feel lucky to have them.  I love life and it is great I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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