My top ten tips for getting away with great family travel deals

                        We move a lot. So this is a great post for me.  We just moved to Denver Colorado and last year we lived in 3 different states.  So I have quite a few tips on getting away with great family travel deals!  My first tip is to look at nice hotels and tell them you might be staying for a while.  We actually live in motels because they are furnished and there is no lease and deposit so its a lot easier for us to do that.  But when you tell them you might be staying for lets say a week or more they will cut you a huge discount.  Then you can just pay-day by day.  Like the motel/suite we are at its $80-100 a night but because we are staying a long time its $31 a night for a total of $250 a week with taxes and all. My second tip is to get a room with a kitchenette or at least a fridge or microwave.  If there is no burner you can buy a $20 one at a store and save a ton on making your own dinner and breakfast then going out to eat all the time. My third is to get a cooler if it is still winter, we have a cooler outside we put ice in and have all our frozen foods out there like chicken and steak.  My fourth is to go online and google free stuff to do in whatever town or city you are visiting.  A lot of stuff should pop up.  My fifth is to go to groupon, groupdeals, mamapedia, and sign up for all of those emails a month before you go to your destination.  You will get some crazy cheap priced coupons like 50% off or more of restaurants, movies, theater, museums, plays, tons of stuff in that area.  And you just buy them online and the expiration usually doesn’t expire for a long time.  My sixth tip is buy a  sunday paper for that area if you are there on a sunday.  Yes for coupons but also to read what is going on that week.  If there is any festivals or parades, etc.  My seventh is to call or check out online for the city’s welcome packages.  They will send them or mail them to you and its a bunch of coupons and flyers on what to do in the area.  My eighth is to bring snacks everywhere for your kids, a lot of time you can get into these museums and such for discounts but once you are there your kids get hungry and their food will be pricey so if you have a lunch already made for them then your good.  My ninth is to carry cash on you.  A lot of times you will run into unexpected thing that you can only pay for with cash and when you have cash on you, you usually don’t spend as much.  And my tenth and final tip is to have fun!  You are on vacation and this is going to be your time with your family to just relax.  Saving money isn’t stressful, it actually feels good once you find those coupons or discounts.  And they are all over the place, a little research and you can find amazing family travel deals anywhere.  

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One thought on “My top ten tips for getting away with great family travel deals

  1. hi, its mom, cold here in iowa,I need sun?I miss all of you,but remember we travelled all over the country for 14 years it was fun, new places, restrants,and being with the family,the next place you should go is the anheiser busch plant in fort collins and see how beer is made and sample some, love mom

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