Our Hotel/Apartment

This is so nice.  We found a really nice place to live.  It is a hotel but a kitchenette suite so pretty much a furnished apartment.  We first looked at a really scary looking hotel and it was only $30 less a week so then we found this one and its nice and clean.  The other hotel had looked the all the doors have been kicked in and some of the windows were broke out.  We got a good deal if we pay a month at a time instead of a week.  We save about $400 to pay month by month instead of week by week.  And they also have a fitness center so I can work out all the time!  I’m excited.  I ran yesterday and my legs are killing me today so I might just hang out today and workout tomorrow.  Or maybe I will just go walk today.  Denver is amazing, there is so much to do here its kind of overwhelming.  I’m just not used to so many things to do.  And we are trying to get all our dept paid off so we really don’t want to spend a lot of money so we are just going to go to all the museums and aquariums and the zoo.  We went to a mall called Cherry Creek because my husband’s brother and his girlfriend wanted to go and it was crazy.  They had like a Louie Vutton store, Tiffany’s jewelery store and every other super expensive store.  So yeah we just left.  It was a really nice mall but we just moved here so we are a little low on money from moving.  Here are some pics of our place!

This pic is looking out our back door.  Great for Grace to play when its nice.

The cooler is Gracies step stool.  The bed is really high.

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