My ideal family getaway

My ideal family vacation would be to take my daughter to all the Disney lands or worlds out there.  I know there is quite a few out there and we have never traveled out of this country so that would be a great experience!  Then we could also see all the different countries they are in so it wouldn’t be just going to Disney land/world.  It would be great for us parents too and not just the kids.  My daughter is 3 years old and would love to see all the characters.  She loves princesses and mickey mouse like crazy.  I know they have a bunch of rides for her age group so that would be a lot of fun for her.  We recently went to Story Land in New Hampshire and she could ride all the rides, even a roller coaster!  The whole amusement park is based on story’s like Humpty Dumpty or Cinderella so all the rides are for little kids, but of course the parents ride with.  They have some yummy food and a lot of fun shops.  It’s really cheap too so that is also a plus.  We have been moving around for a while so we are good on road trips because that’s how we move so it would be nice to fly to some of these country’s.  It would also be nice to go to Disney world  when she gets a little older so she could remember a lot of it.  I guess I went when I was younger and I do not remember any of it.  I think I was two.  I have some pictures of it but that’s about it.  I would love to have a ton of money to go with so we could buy a lot of good food, stay in some nice motels and buy some nice things.  We have been living in motels for a while and they are cheapo ones but are still crazy priced.  They are clean and we got lucky with the one we are in now because it has two rooms so our daughter has her own but we had to make a kitchen spot because it doesn’t have one.  I like traveling around with my family and checking out new places so it doesn’t bother me when we move.  We will be actually moving again this weekend so we have no idea where yet.  Its exciting!  So that would be my ideal family getaway would be to go to all the different Disney worlds in different countries, our family would love it!

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