Moving again soon

My husband was going to get laid off last friday but they kept him and his brother for another week!  That is great because he doesn’t have another job yet so the longer we can work here in South Dakota the better just until we have another place to go to.  So that’s exciting to go to a new place again.  There is a couple of jobs he is looking into but nothing for sure yet.  We just want something a little long-term (for us that would be at least a year) so we could rent a house and go get all of our things in storage back in New Hampshire.  Oh and we need to get our dog too, lol.  Shes at his moms until we find a place that allows dogs.  Hopefully the next place we go we can plan on having another baby.  I’ve probably wanted another baby ever sence I had Grace but it just hasn’t been a good time to plan that.  So wish us luck!  I will keep updating on what we are doing.


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