Story Time!

Every town we go to we always have to check out the library.  We always get a library card and check out at least 10 books at a time.  My daughter loves books.  We finally went to the Yankton Library and they wouldn’t let us get a library card!  Just because we are not permanent residents and the lady we dealt with was very rude.  I’m sorry but I really don’t think anyone is really a permanent resident of a town.  People move all the time and just because we move a lot more doesn’t mean I’m going to take off and steal their books, I mean come on.  So anyways we decided to just hang out there and read some books and of course they had fun toys and games to play with.  We also did the story time for today and my daughter loved it! She always does and every library is different so its fun to see what they do.  At this one we all sang songs and played with egg shakers.  The theme was mittens so all the kids got snow flake name tags and the very nice children’s lady read them some great books. After that they sang songs and did a fun mitten craft.  My daughter loved it!


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