Christmas weekend

How was everyone’s Christmas weekend?  Ours was great.  We drove two hours to see my mom and dad for Christmas eve.  Grace loved that because we went sledding for a little bit and it snow lightly all day so it was really pretty.  Then I got an ear infection on Christmas eve and I still have it today.  Wow those things suck.  I can’t believe my daughter has had so many and every time we never knew until we took her to the doctor and they told us.  She is tough.  My head has been all messed up all weekend from this.  I guess I havent had an ear infection sence I was a child because I don’t remember pain like this before.  It just throbs and throbs and I have a sore throat and cough but I know I’m not sick.  Its weird.  So of course I havent went to the doctor all weekend because it was Christmas eve and Christmas and a Sunday so nothing was open.  I have an appointment today though so that’s good.  We had a great Christmas.  Grace was so cute, she woke up at about 7 and came in our bed to snuggle.  She didn’t say anything about Christmas which surprised me because she walked right by the tree with all santa toys in front of her and just came to our bed to sleep.  Then at about 8 she woke up and said “Mama, its Christmas”!  She was so cute when she walked out to the tree she just looked at it and said “Theres a Pillow Pet”!  I will show you some of the pics soon.  Hope all of you had a great Christmas.

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