The stocking is done!

It took me a whole year to do this.  But of course I didn’t even touch it for about 7 months of the year and did it here and there for about four months.  And of course the last month it needs to be done was when I needed to get cracking on it.  Finally finished.  Its beautiful and I know my daughter will love it year after year.  She loves it now but my hope is that she will have this forever.  I was so excited to get this done yesterday.  It was like this huge weight off my back.  So here it is, the stocking that took me a whole year to complete.  Oh and by the way I don’t sew,  I want to learn how to make beautiful things so this is my first attempt at it.

One thought on “The stocking is done!

  1. It’s gorgeous. When I was teeny-tiny my mom made me a felt stocking. I still have it. I don’t use it any more because a couple of years ago she made new felt stockings for me, DH, and the kids. There’s an ocean between us, so hanging up the stockings is always special to me – it makes me feel closer to my mom. Your daughter will cherish it for many, many years to come.

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