iCaughtSanta has other characters!

               There is more you can do with icaughtsanta.  Santa is great for Christmas to surprise your kids with a photo on Christmas morning of you catching Santa!  But there is other ones too!  How about the tooth fairy?  If your kid lost a tooth now you can prove there is a tooth fairy!  Think of how much fun that would be.  For something a little more special you can also do a cupid.  This would be great for couple and for Valentines Day.  It is a super cheap way to make a wonderful memories for your child or loved one.  Here is a couple of examples of what you can do.

And here is the santa one again.  You can take of picture of your Christmas tree and put Santa in the picture.  There is a ton of different Santa pictures to edit into your pic.  I didn’t have our tree up so this is one I took at a drive through Safari.  I think it looks like reindeer, Do you? Go to http://www.catchacharacter.com/228.html to check it out for yourself!

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