My Family Christmas Traditions


                 One is our little elf friend named E-I-O.  My daughter named him last year when she was 2.  We just love him.  He shows up at Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve night.  Every morning my daughter wakes up and has to find the new spot he takes because every night he fly’s to the north pole to tell santa if she was good or bad that day.  She can’t touch him because he is magical.  If she throws a fit I tell her EIO is watching and she stops and looks over at him.  It so cute.  A couple of other traditions are that we usually get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving but we didn’t do that this year so we are getting it this weekend.  We are living in a motel for my husband’s job right now so we have to get a little tree.  My daughter presents are going to be all over the floor, lol.  Then we go visit santa, usually a couple different santa’s because they always have a bunch everywhere and we get her pictures takin.  We also have a advent calendar that has the story of jesus in it so every night we read one little story and on Christmas eve we read the big one.  On Christmas eve we go drive around and look at all the lights.  We go to a Christmas eve service sometimes too.  And then Grace gets to open one gift on christmas eve.  But I was actually thinking of doing the 12 days of christmas tradition this year and lead it up to christmas eve for the last gift.  I will just go to the dollar store and get a bunch of fun gifts!


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