My Five Most Helpful Tips For Holiday Tech Shopping

          Everyone love getting  some nice tech gifts for Christmas.  It’s good to know where to shop and find the newest, nicest products.  There is so many websites out there and stores to shop at so it gets kind of hard to know where to look. Today I’m going to give you some helpful tips to find some nice tech stuff.  Just recently my husband needed a new phone because his would only stay charged for about  10 minutes.  My husband works every day except for sunday and that is the only day that the phone store was open so he asked me to do a little research on the phone he wanted.  Well my first tip is to look up the item you want online and then call the store. Because online and store prices can be completely different. You want to ask them the price in store and then tell them that online it’s either cheaper or more expensive and ask them why.  The phone store I talk to said they are a little more pricey because they do everything in store for you like setting you phone up and changing all your contacts to your new phone.  So that’s why it was cheaper online because you have to do all that on your own time.  My 2nd tip is to look up coupon codes online if you are buying something online.  I love to go to brads  They have tons of coupon codes for alot of stores.  They also have a deal of the day that they send to your email.  My 3rd tip is black friday and cyber monday.  You can look up computers or televisions for amazing prices.  Yes you can go to the store to buy these on those days but I have a two-year old that I’m not going to bring with me at 2 in the morning to buy a 40 inch TV.  Online is a great way to purchase these tech items in the comfort of your own home.  My fourth tip is to look in the sunday advertisements.  If you live in or by a large city you will have a ton of  advertisements in the Sunday papers.  A lot of times there is store specials or coupons in those for computers, phones, TV’s or any other item.  I love to cut coupons so I’m always buying the Sunday paper.  My last but not least tip is to pay with cash if you are buying at a store. Some times if you tell them you will pay with cash instead of credit you can get a discount.  They usually love taking cash instead of plastic. This is just an extra tip too, if they are out of what you want, ask them to buy the item on display and ask for a discount.  These are my tips for the holidays and I hope you all enjoyed them.  They will become useful if you need to buy for one of your tech friends or gadget lover in the family.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Staples blogging program, making me eligible for a $50 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, go to


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