My favorite road trip

            We took a road trip last year for christmas and I would say that would be my favorite.  We where going to New Hampshire from Nebraska which was a 27 hour drive.  We have already done that drive 4 time including going there and coming back.  But when we went for Christmas it just seemed a lot more special.  My husband’s family is in New Hampshire and they had no idea we where coming so it was a very fun surprize.  We got there about 1 month before christmas and stayed all the way up to new years and that’s when we left.  It was a great drive.  We had a portable DvD player for my daughter just in case she got really cranky (she’s 3).   One thing we did was bring a whole bag a new toys from the dollar store so she could have something new to play with on the road.  It was a nice drive and we drove it straight and just switched drivers so we didn’t stop at any hotels but we did stop at some restaurants.  We got breakfast that was nice early in the morning after driving all night.  It was beautiful to see places like upstate new york in the winter and all the vineyards where beautiful.  Then when we drove through Vermont it was amazing.  All the roads where through these cute little towns with cute shops and then you drove up in the mountains and it was just beautiful.  We where lucky enough not to get a bunch of snow but in some places there was a light dusting of it and it just gave it that really nice Christmas feel to everything.  Our daughter did very well for a three-year old on that long of a road trip, we just stopped a lot to let her run around and she was potty training at the time so we had to stop quite a fue times for that too.  Once we got there it was night and it was so nice to surprize his parents.  They wanted us home for Christmas really bad so they where so excited.  We ended up driving back on New Years day so we spent New Years in our truck but it was still nice.  They drive back wasnt as exciting just because we really didn’t want to go back to Nebraska at that point in our lives but we did.  We ended up spending 5 more months in Nebraska and then driving back to New Hampshire for the summer.  Now we are in South Dakota for work.  So we could really use some new tires on our truck!

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