10 Holiday Survival Tips

I love the holidays.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are so much fun.  I love doing all the traditions that we do every year and I love being with family.  But a lot of times holidays can be stressful.  Trying to find the right gift or what to make for your holiday meals or putting up all those decorations.  One tip that I love is using the internet for recipes.  There is so many great recipes out there and so many blogs right now that have amazing holiday meal ideas.  You usually have the same kind of food every year for Thanksgiving but its nice to add something new or spice things up.  Tip two is that it is so easy to make gifts for Christmas.  For kids you can make all sorts of handmade toys and if you’re not that crafty you can just go to etsy and have someone else make it for you.  You can make food like cookies or baked good like bread.  Or you can make those gifts in a jar which I think that’s what I’m going to do this year to save some money. You just go online and look up gifts in a jar and there you go.  Thousands of different gift in a jar.  Tip three is having all your Christmas decorations in one spot so you don’t have to go digging through all your storage stuff to find that one ornament you put up every year.  This is going to be a hard one for me this year because we are in a hotel for work and we don’t have any of our Christmas stuff with us so for me its hard.  I love to put up my daughters 1st Christmas ornament every year or handmade ornaments I made when I was a child.  But that leads me to Tip Four, Christmas is not about stuff.  It’s about Jesus and what he did for us so really you don’t need anything for christmas but your love for Christ.  Of course I’m still going to decorate the crap out of this hotel room because I love the Christmas feel to the holiday and for my 3 yr old but a lot of us need to get over the whole my house doesn’t look as decorated as the house down the street. Tip Five: look for coupons before you shop anywhere.  There is usually a coupon out there for every store. You just need to look. Tip six I have to take my 3 yr old shopping with me for christmas so one trick Ive discover is to bring your jacket or a small blanket to cover up whatever presents your buying.  I somehow distract her with another toy and then I sneak the toy in the cart and cover it up. Then when we get to the check out line I tell her we are playing hide and seek so she covers her head with my jacket and I purchase the items.  It seems to be working ok for now.  Tip seven buy pre-made mixes for cookies.  All you need is an egg and some oil so its super easy.  Tip eight wrap gifts in newspaper.  It’s a great way to recycle and your gifts look really good. Just buy some big red ribbon and tie a bow.  The funnies are great wrap for the kids.  Tip nine: make traditions with your kids.  Even if you don’t have many yet just make some. Go drive around every year and look at lights or make fudge on the first snow day. Tip ten: spend time with your family.  Dont get stressed about money or gifts just be happy to have your family and are blessed to have a Christmas with them this year. That’s my tips hope you enjoyed them!

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