5 tips on editing and creating beautiful digital photo project

                            I love taking pictures!  I bring my camera everywhere.  Two years ago today I got married to my wonderful husband.  Well I had everyone take pictures of the wedding so I would have a ton to play with.  So my wedding album is full of beautiful pictures that some where actually not that beautiful in the beginning.  I messed around with them and did a ton of different things.  One thing I did was change the color on some of them.  Making them black and white, sepia or even some crazy colors.  I loved using that on my pictures.  There was also a negative one that looked great.  Another great idea that I used was the softening technique.  It made all my pictures look very “wedding” like because we where in a church and all the lights “glowed” with this technique.  Then you could do the sepia and soften that and that would look very old-looking but great. One thing that was crazy about my wedding is that for some reason we had no pictures of just the two of us posing so I had to go through all my hundreds of pictures and actually crop everyone out of some of them because I just wanted one of us.  I love using the crop feature.  I think everyone has cropped a picture.  It’s just so easy and I so needed that for my wedding photos.  Another tip is using the flip feature where you can flip your picture.  Thats a great one too.  I’ve flip a couple just to see how it looks and they looked way better when I did that.  Also when pictures are to dark you can lighten them up.  There was one of my sister and dad at the wedding and it was a great picture but was way to dark.  The flash didn’t work on it so I went into my photo shop and edited it and lighten it up and it turned out to be a wonderful picture.  Another fun tip is boarders.  Some times they look cheesy but some you can use look great.  A nice plain black border looks good if you scrapbook with it.  Or for the kids there are some fun holiday or colored boarders you can use.  I love to scrapbook with my digital photos.  Its a lot of fun to edit them and crop them on the computer, print them out and go scrapbook with them .  It makes wonderful gifts and memories for your loved ones.  Like I said I take my camera everywhere and love taking pictures of everything.  I always keep a new memory card with my camera just in case I run out of room on my old one.  I’ve done that and it’s not that fun. I hope you enjoyed my tips!  

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Adobe blogging program, making me eligible to receive a $50 gift card. For more information on how you can participate go to:  http://photoshopelements.twittermoms.com/about )


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