10 tips for the hottest runway trends in your day to day looks

                           I try to wear nice clothes everyday.  There is a lot of trends out there and its hard to keep up on them or even afford to wear some of those trendy items but there is a lot of ways you can wear nice things for an affordable price.  You always see in the magazines and on tv the clothes stars or models wear and a lot of the times they have the “affordable” outfit after showing the crazy expensive one and usually the affordable one is still hundreds of dollars for just a shirt or some shoes.  So I’m going to let you know of a couple of tips that I use to wear trends in my day-to-day looks.  One item that goes a long way is black high heel shoes.  You can wear them with jeans, black pants, skirts, long or short.  They always make you look dressed up or just confident in what you’re wearing.  I also love a mid-length skirt.  I have a black one the is nice with any top.  You could wear it with a cute dressed up shirt or a chunky sweater with a lace shirt underneath it. Black pants go a long way to.  Its something you can wear to church or out to eat with you husband.  A nice fit in the pants is best.  ONe thing I recently started wearing is scarves for looks and not just for the cold.  They are great when its cold outside but they look good even if you inside shopping or out to dinner.  I love a good fit in jeans too.  Its great when you have that perfect pair that fit just write.  You can spice up the look of your jeans with some nice shoes or boots.  I love my winter boots. THey are brown leather with some sort of design on them but they just look nice with your pants tucked in.  A high heel boot is great too, especially if you’re not so tall.  Everyone one knows having a little black dress is a must but I have to say I don’t have one.  I’m more of a skirt girl.  I have this beautiful yellow and blue summer skirt that just goes so well with anything.  But its great for summer, not so much for winter.  Accessories go a long way also.  A great pair of earrings is a must.  Some cute dangle ones are great but a nice pair of diamonds goes with everything.  Necklaces are great too especially with a low-cut shirt.  I usually wear the same rings every day so that I really don’t get into but I’ve seen a lot of nice dressy up rings you can buy at the store.  So overall that’s what I like to wear to keep up with the hottest trends in my day-to-day look.  It’s nice that you can buy one item of clothing and wear it a bunch of different ways.  I hope this might help some of you with some new trends.

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