10 tips for stylish layering techniques for all occasions

              I love layering clothes, especially in the winter.  It’s nice to have layers one when you’re doing all you christmas shopping too because those malls can get quite warm.  Then you can just take a layer or two off and all is good.  One thing I always wear is a kami under most of my sweaters.  It makes me less itchy and I just feel more comfortable.  Another is a tank or shirt under those button up chunky sweaters. And I like to use a bit of color for the under shirts when you wear a plain colored sweater like gray or black.  Scarves alway work well with layers and they keep you so warm.  I like all sorts of scarves.  The long one you can really work with because there is a bunch of ways to wear them.  For pants if its like a blizzard outside I will wear long johns or tights under my pants.  My legs are a lot warmer thanks to those. You can also layer with skirts. Just wear those slips underneath and I think they make thick ones so in the winter you are really warm.  Then you can just wear some panty hose or leggings.  Leggings with a chunky long sweater and some boots are really cute and a good way to layer.  Boot socks are great too because you can get really thick ones and those are perfect for boots.  A nice winter jacket is good too.  I love those mid-length stylish looking ones that button up.  Ives seen nice ones in red and black.  THose are really good to layer with.  I have a blue winter jacket that is really warm and water proof.  It goes good with a lot of things.  Wearing a cute dress with a nice button up jacket and a cute scarf would look great.  Some nice high hear short boots would look great like that.  Hats are also great, I love winter hats!  There is so many cute winter hats.  Stylish hats are great too.  Hats are great for when it’s really cold out and windy, or you are just having a bad hair day.  You can layer with so many items and dress nice with a small amount of clothes.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time on your wardrobe.  Just as long as you have a couple of nice layering pieces then you are good.

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