Drive, Drive, Drive

We just drove 28 hours again! Wow that drive is getting old.  And my husband loves to drive so he only let me drive like 2 hours while he slept.  We stopped for like 2 hours to sleep in the truck.  Grace did pretty good.  Now we are in South Dakota.  The job is only going to last 6 weeks so we might go back to New Hampshire for Christmas.  But its nice we are close to my family so now we can have Thanksgiving with them.  We are back in a motel but its like a 2 bedroom apartment with out the kitchen.  I’m so glad my daughter has her own room again.  She slept like a baby last night.  We set up like a table and now we have all out food under it and all out stuff like a toaster and burner and stock pot on it.  You can make pretty much anything with a pan, pot and microwave.  Just not casseroles or oven baked goods so that sucks but whatever works.  I’m glad to have our own space again.  Its nice.  My husbands brother and his girlfriend came with so they are across the hall in a one bedroom and he is working with my husband.  Well here we are in another state and new town.  It will be fun to go check out all the museums and different things to do.

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