10 tips on a cleaner,greener home

                     My in-laws own a cleaning business and I just started working for them a couple of months ago.  We started cleaning this house where a mother to be wanted everything all natural for her new baby.  Now we clean everything all natural.  It’s nice for us also because we are not breathing in all these chemicals all day.  Tip number one: we use olive oil and lemon juice for a natural wood cleaner.  It’s great for any wood surfaces, cabinets, tables, shelves and nice furniture.  Tip number two: we use vinegar and hot water for the floors.  Of course it’s going to smell like vinegar but that only last up until the floors dry.  Tip number three: We use vinegar and water to clean the glass and mirrors.  It works great, you just have to use a little more elbow grease.  Tip number four: If you have a lot of newspapers around use them to clean windows instead of paper towels.  Just crumble them up and spray the windows and wipe with the newspaper.  It works great and you don’t get all the fuzzy everywhere.  Tip number five: A really good way to get that ring out of your tub is to fill it with laundry detergent and let it sit for a while before draining the tub and wiping it out.  Tip number six: The laundry detergent you used in your tub makes your bathroom smell amazing. Tip number seven: As for the toilet vinegar works great too. Just let it sit for a while and then scrub it clean.  Tip number eight: vacuuming up spiders is a lot less toxic then spraying chemicals. Tip number nine: using egg shells down the garbage disposal cleans and sharpens the blades. Tip number Ten: Using old shirts and pants for rags saves a lot of money then buying a million paper towel rolls.  So hopefully you liked these tips and  yes I got a lot  from my in-laws and its nice to know all these things for cleaning my own house some day.  I am glad we started cleaning for these people that are all natural because I did learn a lot of things and I do feel a lot better cleaning with all natural products then all those toxic ones out there.  I have a 3-year-old daughter and it is nice to know that she is around all these natural products.

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2 thoughts on “10 tips on a cleaner,greener home

  1. Thanks for following and throwing the button up on your blog! I appreciated you sharing your tips about green cleaning. I green-clean in my home. I cut the smell of the vinegar a bit with green tea tree oil. Put a few drops in with the vinegar and hot water for floors or vinegar-water spray bottle for counters and it doesn’t smell like vinegar anymore. It’s so great that you are willing to clean for another person that way. I know quite a few people who clean, and they have told me that they would never take the time to do that for their clients.

    Anyway . . .

    Hope you had a great weekend!


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