Tips for getting my daughter ready for back to school

                       Well first of all it would have to be for preschool because my daughter is 3.  But we would have to get the potty training thing down first which we are working on.  She had it for a couple of weeks and then she got sick for a week and just kept peeing her pants so we went back to pull ups.  We would also get a reading time down every day.  We usually read every day but not at the same time.  Then we have been working on sharing with others and using good manners.  Grace is our only child so far so its hard for her to share but she is getting a lot better at it.  We also need to work on a better schedule for her workbooks we do at home. Also better schedule for eating her meals and trying to make them more healthy.  That is always hard with a toddler.  She loves something one day and hates it the next day.  She has been going to music classes for a while but none lately sence we have been moving so much.  So I think that is great for her to interact with other kids.  The same goes for art classes for toddlers.  She took those in Hastings but I don’t think they have any art classes here.  Maybe a pottery class would be good for her.  We also need to get her good sleep at night which is hard now because she sleeps with us sence we are staying at our in-laws.  So now she is like trying to get a baby to stay in her crib because she is so used to sleeping with us so its going to be real hard but I think when she gets her own big girl bed she will be excited.  Then we taught her if she needs help to always ask and to use her (words) because sometimes when she gets frustrated she screams or grunts or makes some weird noise so we always tell her to use her words.  Oh and we are trying to teach her to wait her turn because she always interrupts and has no patience. But like I said she is almost 3 so we are getting there.

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